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Message From Chairman

Farhana Chowdhury
Chairman (Acting) & Associate Prof.
Department of Civil Engineering
Stamford University Bangladesh

Stamford University Bangladesh was established in Dhaka as a private university in 2002 under the private university act as amended in 1988 with the approval of Ministry of Education. Department of Civil Engineering is one of the pioneer departments of the university since its establishment. The department awards the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (B.Sc. in Civil Engineering) and this particular prominent program of this university was launched on the Spring of 2004, and acquired its approval from University Grants Commission on 21st of November 2005. Since the day of its establishment, almost 33,260 students graduated from 28 different programs in 14 departments under 5 faculties and the Department of Civil Engineering contributed 3215 students to this number.

Department of Civil Engineering has five major divisions: Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environment Engineering, and Water Resource Engineering. There are eight distinct labs for this divisions, and one respective faculty member is in charge for each lab. Our labs contain high end delicate devices which assist in performing top-notch research. Students alongside faculties work in these labs and publish their findings in high impact factor international journals.

Right now our department has 33 full time faculty members, most of which are from BUET, and the rest are from other renowned govt. and private universities like RUET, KUET, IUT, AUST etc. Many of our faculties have higher education from USA, Japan, Europe and many other countries. All of our faculties are extremely qualified at their respective fields and passionate about teaching and research. Not only that, our faculties are required to submit KPI reports on regular basis which indicates their own performance in teaching and research. This department rigorously applies Outcome Based Education process for evaluating students for accreditation purposes of Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB). This department arranges OBE related trainings on regular basis for our faculties so that they can develop expertise in implementing it and evaluating student performance. We also have a journal of our own which is being issued every year focusing on important research and aspects on different fields of Civil Engineering.

Our department also provides opportunities for students by offering them teaching and research assistantships. Our department also encourages students to partake in co-curricular activities alongside their academic activities. Currently our department has a full functioning club- “Stamford Civil Engineers Forum” which organizes co-curricular activities like seminars, debates, sports, picnics, cultural programs and regularly updates their works through social media.

Our alumni provide their valuable services to reputed government and private sectors which mostly relates to civil engineering field and engages the knowledge in solving complex engineering problems they gathered in their academic life from this university. This prominent department has undertaken eighty batches till date since the starting of this program. It maintains constant contact with graduated alumni, receives feedback and upgrades syllabus and individual course contents suiting the need for industrial application. In its entirety, this department offers students a high-quality curriculum that encompasses basic science courses, humanities subjects, and other essential engineering courses in the discipline of civil engineering to generate leaders among engineers.

The primary objectives of the Department of Civil Engineering are knowledge dissemination, professional skills enhancement, and innovative thinking via research in the inter - disciplinary areas of the program that tackles the challenges of developing innovative spaces, shelters, and structures with favorable and sustainable environments for our nation and around the world.


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