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Stamford University Bangladesh was founded in the city of Dhaka as a private university in 2002 under private university act 1992 as amended in 1998 with the approval of Ministry of Education. The university has been established with a view to upgrade the higher education of the country to advanced stage.Its vision was subsequently redesigned as moving teaching excellence from good to great with a view to bring out the best of the students.

The department of Civil Engineering started its journey in January 2004. It is located at 51, Siddeswari Road, Dhaka-1217 at Siddeswari Campus of the university. The Department offers the degree of Bachclor of Science in Civil Engineering. It has five major divisions such as Water Resource Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Geo-technical Engineering. These divisions offer mainly basic and advanced optional courses. As a whole, this department provides a high quality of curriculum for the students which include basic science courses, humanities and other core engineering courses in the field or civil engineering to produce engineers in leadership. The principal goals of the Department of Civil Engineering are disseminate knowledge, gain professional skills and innovation through research in the interdisciplinary areas of the program that invokes challenges of creating innovative spaces, shelter and structures with favorable environment and sustainable environment in our country and in the world as well.

The options to choose from when it comes to higher education in Bangladesh may seem many but few are on par in quality and history with Stamford.

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Message from the Honorable Chairman

Prof. Dr. B. C. Basak
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Chairman, Civil Engineering
Stamford University Bangladesh

Stamford University Bangladesh (SUB) was founded in Dhaka as a private university in 2002 under private university act 1992 as amended in 1998 with the approval of Ministry of Education. The University started its journey with only three programs which are Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration and B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering. At present, Stamford University Bangladesh is offering 28 different programs in 14 departments divided into 5 faculties. It fosters about 6,500 regular students and more than 19,000 students have graduated in different programs from this University.

The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the largest departments of the University and so I am very excited to welcome you to departmental website. This website portrays the academic, research, and professional activities of our faculty and students. If you would like to know more about our program, I hope our university website will provide everything you want to know about our activities, programs and life at SUB.